Fast, Efficient Flux-Cored Welding with Semi-Automatic Wirefeeders

29 January, 18 8:25 pm · Leave a comment · reddarc

flux cored welding with semi-auto wirfeeder

By guest blogger David H.

Some years back I was working in a shipyard in San Francisco. The yard had several small repair jobs going, plus a fairly large project building six ocean-going barges. The supervisor who was in charge of the barge-building project was looking for volunteers to operate semi-automatic wire feeders, using flux-cored wire, to weld stiffeners to the skin of the barges. I had never used a wire feeder before, so I volunteered out of curiosity.

After a very short training period, possibly all of 30 minutes but I think a bit less, I was off and running. I was impressed by the <strong>quality of the welds</strong> and the speed at which they were deposited. Without question I was <em>outpacing anything</em> that could be done by stick welding, and I felt it was easier to maintain a <strong>uniform weld size</strong> too. The machine itself was light enough and small enough to move without difficulty, and the spools of wire lasted long and were <em>quick and easy </em>to replace when the spool of welding wire was finished.

Red-D-Arc has nearly a dozen <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>semi-automatic wire feeders available</a> for almost any application. We also carry <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>fully automatic wire feeders</a>, which are faster still and appropriate in certain circumstances – like <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>building storage tanks</a> –  especially for large-deposition welds.

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